Jonathan Brewer

I design and build innovative networks for broadband,
public safety, utilities, and the Internet of Things.

Kia ora!

I'm a native of Kansas living in New Zealand since 2003.

I consult in the telecommunications industry on the design, build, and operation of fixed and wireless networks. My customers are operators, governments, and demanding users. I'm an approved radio certifier in New Zealand, and license land mobile & microwave.

With the University of Oregon's Network Startup Resource Center, I spend some of my time teaching network and wireless engineering in developing economies.

I have researched and written papers on Internet Affordability, Internet Topology, Dynamic Radio Spectrum, and the Internet of Things. My current research area is the connectivity and interconnectivity of Pacific Island networks (, a project funded by the Information Society's Innovation Fund.

In 2011 I exited Araneo, a wholesale microwave telco I founded in 2004. Before that I worked for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals on Information Architecture & Discovery Informatics teams in Connecticut and Boston.

I'm a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Poland 15). I spent a summer at Interlochen and have a BSc from the University of Kansas.

We may have met
at a conference:

  • APNIC44
    Taichung, Taiwan 09.2017
  • Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum
    Bangkok, Thailand 07.2017
  • South Asia Network Operators Group
    Gurgaon, India 07.2017
  • Asia Pacific Regional Conference on Internet Operational Technologies
    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 02.2017
  • New Zealand Network Operators Group
    Tauranga, New Zealand 01.2017
  • Pacific Network Operators Group
    Nadi, Fiji 11.2016
  • Reinventing Rural Broadband
    Whangarei, New Zealand 10.2016
  • Spectrum Futures
    Singapore 10.2016
  • APNIC42
    Colombo, Sri Lanka 09.2016
  • Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association
    Tahiti, French Polynesia 04.2016
  • Pacific Telecommunications Council
    Honolulu, Hawaii 01.2016
  • Pacific Network Operators Group
    Guam 12.2015
  • Australian Network Operators Group
    Melbourne, Australia 09.2015
  • Pacific Network Operators Group
    Apia, Samoa 07.2015
  • Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum
    Macau SAR, China 06.2015
  • Balgladesh Network Operators Group
    Dhaka, Bangladesh 05.2015
  • Dynamic Spectrum Alliance
    Manila, Philippines 05.2015
  • Scientific Applications for the Internet of Things at ICTP
    Trieste, Italy 03.2015
  • Asia Pacific Conference on Internet Operational Technologies
    Fukuoka, Japan 02.2015
  • New Zealand Network Operators Group
    Rotorua, New Zealand 01.2015